THE ATLANTA RYTHM SECTION / Live at the Savoy, New York [1981]

"While this album wasn't released until 2000, it dates from almost 20 years earlier during the tour following the release of Quinella. It was recorded at a show at the Savoy in New York City, so the Southern band was playing to an urban Yankee audience. From that perspective, the warm support of the crowd is testimony to the group's broad appeal. While the sound isn't top quality, the energy of the band's performance and the collection of classic songs makes this a nice timepiece. The album provides a live coda to the era of ARS' greatest popular success, featuring a line-up of classic songs including a number of their hits and three songs from Quinella. From the rocking start of Champagne Jam through the new songs Homesick, Alien and Higher, and on to the classics Imaginary Lover and So Into You, this could be considered an ARS hits collection from 1981. It's a nice sampling, but only an introduction to a lot of great music to be found on their many albums."

Track listing/"Champagne Jam" (Buie, Cobb, Nix) – 5:17"I'm Not Gonna Let It Bother Me Tonight" (Buie, Daughtry, Nix) – 5:55"Homesick" (Buie, Cobb) – 4:54"Alien" (Buie, Lewis, McRay) – 5:51"Large Time" (Bailey, Buie, Nix) – 3:05"Spooky" (Buie, Cobb, Middlebrooks, Shapiro) – 5:13"Higher" (Buie, Hammond) – 5:09"Imaginary Lover" (Buie, Daughtry, Nix) – 3:39"So into You" (Buie, Daughtry, Nix) – 6:03"Long Tall Sally" (Blackwell, Johnson, Little Richard) – 3:08

Personnel/ Barry Bailey – guitarJ.R. Cobb – guitar, vocalsDean Daughtry – keyboards, vocalsPaul Goddard – bassRonnie Hammond – vocalsRoy Yeager – drums

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Mara Bunta dijo...

Llegan los sonidos veraniego-pegajosos... :)
Buen envío Tim, mira que no soy amiga pero suena muy bien este directo. Hacia tiempo que no los escuchaba. En los principios de los principios del blog publiqué alguno que otro de sus discos de estudio.
Gracias como siempre. Que pase un buen verano Sir! <3 ;)

Emilio Juárez Blanco dijo...

fantástico aporte. Gracias

Ficus dijo...

Madre mia timm, a estos los tenía aparcados desde ni se la tira de años.
Habrá que retomar el plato, y rebuscar entre los vinilos.

Un abrazote.